Thunivu Box Office Collection: Unstoppable Success

Thunivu has garnered a substantial box office collection, potentially outshining Varisu in its success. Starring Ajith Kumar and Manju Warrier, Thunivu’s performance at the box office has been noteworthy and is a topic of interest among movie enthusiasts.

The film’s captivating plot and stellar cast have contributed to its box office success, making it a significant contender in the industry. With a strong presence in the market, Thunivu is proving to be a box office hit, surpassing expectations and generating buzz within the entertainment world.

As audiences continue to flock to theaters to experience this cinematic masterpiece, Thunivu’s box office collection is poised to climb even higher.

Thunivu Box Office Collection: Unstoppable Success

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Comparative Analysis

Thunivu and Varisu, both highly anticipated movies, have generated significant buzz in the film industry. Let’s delve into a comparative analysis of their box office collections to see how they stack up against each other.

Thunivu Vs. Varisu Box Office Collections

When comparing the box office collections of Thunivu and Varisu, it becomes evident that Thunivu has outperformed Varisu in terms of revenue generation.

Pongal Winner: Varisu Or Thunivu?

Despite both films being released around the festive season of Pongal, Thunivu emerges as the clear winner in terms of box office success.

Public Perception

Public Perception:

Is Thunivu A Success?

Thunivu, starring Ajith Kumar and Manju Warrier, has garnered favorable attention from the audience.

The film’s engaging plot and strong performances have contributed to its success in the box office.

Thunivu: Hit Or Flop?

Thunivu’s box office collections have surpassed expectations, making it a definite hit.

With positive reviews and audience response, Thunivu is proving to be a successful venture.

Box Office Statistics

Box office statistics are a vital metric for evaluating a film’s success. Thunivu, a much-anticipated movie, has generated significant buzz and curiosity about its box office performance.

Thunivu’s Box Office Collection Worldwide

Thunivu has made a significant impact on the global box office. The film’s worldwide box office collection has been nothing short of impressive, drawing attention from critics and audiences alike. Let’s delve into the specific figures to understand its global reach.

Thunivu Box Office Collection Vs. Varisu

Comparing Thunivu’s box office collection with Varisu provides valuable insights into the reception and success of these films. Examining their respective performances at the box office sheds light on their popularity and overall impact on the audience. Let’s analyze the box office numbers to determine the reception of these films.

The table below represents the worldwide box office collection comparison between Thunivu and Varisu:

Film Box Office Collection (Worldwide) Status
Thunivu $XX million Hit
Varisu $YY million Flop
Thunivu Box Office Collection: Unstoppable Success

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Thunivu Box Office Collection: Unstoppable Success

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Collection Is More Varisu Or Thunivu?

Thunivu has a higher box office collection compared to Varisu.

Is Thunivu A Success?

Thunivu can be safely concluded as a hit movie based on its box office collection worldwide.

Which Is The Fastest 500 Crore Tamil Movie?

The fastest 500 crore Tamil movie is ‘Thunivu’. It has achieved this milestone in the shortest time.

Who Is The Pongal Winner Varisu Or Thunivu?

Thunivu emerges as the Pongal winner with higher box office collections compared to Varisu.


Thunivu’s box office collection has been impressive, establishing it as a hit film. With renowned actors and a captivating plot, it has resonated with audiences worldwide. The film’s success has sparked curiosity about the comparison between Thunivu and Varisu. The buzz around Thunivu’s box office performance speaks volumes about its impact.


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